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"Family three-wheeler for the not-so-rich."

It sweeps up most part of a steep, long hill at 30 m.p.h. in top gear, and crests it at a sturdy 20. It corners with a wrist flick, brakes beautifully on light foot pressure.

The latest version of a £1,000 Birmingham-made sports car? Not so. It is a new three-wheeler from Denham, Bucks, costing £448, purchase tax paid. It is also a £5-yearly road tax car. It is called the 'Coronet'.

In a week-end test the newcomer captures for me much of the former three-wheeled Morgan's charm, with car-type springing and a reverse gear thrown in.

There are other differences between this model and a normal car. The petrol tank is under the bonnet. The engine is in the luggage boot, flanked by ledges to carry suitcases. So who says British brains are behind in motoring design? 

"Evening Standard"


"Three's Company in the Coronet!"

The Makers have aimed at quality and comfort ... The Coronet has an attractive plastic body with a well designed hood.

"Daily Mail."


"Here Comes The Coronet!"

The overall impression gained was that this luxury model, while in the higher price bracket, should have no difficulty in finding firm entrenchment in the affections of those who seek a sports three-wheeler and are prepared to pay for good looks and snappy performance.

"Motor Cycling."





"An Attractive Three-seater with Plastic Bodywork."

A pleasingly styled addition to three-wheeler ranks, the Coronet is a low-built sporty looking open model equipped with two wheels at the front and a bench-type seat wide enough (47in.) to seat three adults or two adults and two children. The use of glass-reinforced polyester resin has enabled graceful body lines to be achieved and they are enhanced by a well-curved and raken windscreen. Twin aircraft type fins moulded the rear end of the body give the impression at first glance that the Coronet has four and not three wheels. Headlamp cowls are incorporated in the body moulding, and the doors are unusually wide. 

"The Motor Cycle."


"A New-Look British Three Wheeler!"

The Coronet is a three-wheeler, but its general appearance is very different from the general run of vehicles of this type. It is sturdily built and has motorcar suspension and control. Seating accommodation is sufficient for three adults or two adults and two children. There is ample luggage space in the rear boot, while the parcels shelf under the dash, the hood tray and the door pockets all provide useful additional storage room.

"The Garage and Motor Agent."


"Une Revelation Anglaise ... "

Il est difficile d'imaginer un plus beau "minicar" a trois roues que celui-ci: le 'Coronet,' recemment presente en Angleterre.

"Moto Touring Secours."